Amazon Wardrobe Experience – Week 1





Cute date night outfit with leopard print skirt


This was my first time using Amazon Wardrobe. Getting that box in the mail full of goodies was so exciting! In case you’ve never heard of this Prime program yet, I will explain how it works.

What is Amazon Wardrobe?

Amazon Wardrobe is a new program available to select (and growing) Prime customers. Check it out and see if you qualify here ( The gist is, you get to select up to 8 fashion items. Not everything on Amazon qualifies, but the selection is pretty good and growing. Amazon ships you the items you chose and once it arrives, your 7 day try-on period begins. It’s like an at home fitting room service. Whatever you like, you keep, and what you want to return you place in the resealable box, affix the provided label, and return via UPS. 

What I Got


BCBGMAXAZRIA Metallic Ruffle Dress

Kenneth Cole Satin Slit Skirt in Leopard

Lark & Ro Mock Neck Dress

GUESS Leopard Pumps

Ellen Tracy Slim Pant

Calvin Klein Gingham Pant

Adrianna Papell Stretch Pant

What I loved about it

I’m an online shopaholic. Sometimes I fill up a cart and never buy it, just to get that shopping buzz. So trying Amazon Wardrobe was a lot of fun.

However, building a stylish closet can be serious business. I did find that this Amazon program helped ease the process. At the store, you can feel a lot of pressure. You only have so many hours to shop and I often feel forced to pull the trigger on what to buy. Being able to try the clothes on for 7 days removed that pressure for me. I was able to make informed, thoughtful decisions about what clothes I wanted to invite into my own wardrobe. 

There’s been a lot of times that I fell in love with an item at the store only to take it home and struggle to build an outfit with it. With Wardrobe, I could see if the clothes jived with my closet. 

What I did not love

There was a moment of panic when I misplaced the $268 BCBG dress and thought I’d be stuck paying for it. After calming down, I found where I’d misplaced it and all was right in the world. Seriously though, KEEP TRACK OF YOUR ITEMS! Eventually, you HAVE to get your box returned on time or you’re screwed. I can’t think of anything worse than misplacing an item at the last minute! So keep it all together in the box.

Another con about online shopping is that the sellers can change the price of items with a few clicks. Many items change price frequently, and prices can vary widely between the color and even size of one item. More than once I tried to convince myself I could fit into the size 4 to save ten bucks.

Also, shipping is not the 2 days we’ve been spoiled with. It took my six days to get my box. Now, I’m waiting for the return to process so I can order the next one. I’ve been waiting about 3 days so far.

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