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Dress: Ella Moon Kaya Maxi Dress in Moroccan Tile

Shoes: Seychelles Forward Wedge Pump in Yellow

Bag: Dear Drew Downtowner Suede Hobo Bag in Flowerpot

Earrings: Crescent Moon Stud Earrings

Ella Moon Kaya Maxi Dress

BTM Rating: 6/10

Cost at time of review: $69.50


  • Comfortable and flowy.
  • Soft material with a beautiful print.
  • Cute tassel detail.


  • Not much shape.
  • One of the tassels was missing on mine.

The flowy fit of this dress and its soft material makes it feel dreamy to wear. Covered in the pretty purple and orange pattern, while knowing my not-so-favorite assets were hidden away put me on Cloud 9.

Back to reality, I ordered this dress because I loved the chunky tassel detail on the neckline of the dress. It’s a fun detail that makes an otherwise ordinary dress more playful. However, when I got the dress I noticed one of the tassels was missing! Perhaps it had been broken off by a previous wearer. That was disappointing, but hopefully if you choose to get this dress, all the tassels will be in place. If not, it’s an easy return with Amazon Wardrobe.

Alas, while this dress is hides a little tummy, it also hides everything else. Though it has a drawstring waist, the very loose design and camouflage created by the pattern do nothing to create a shapely figure. I recommend either wearing heels to emphasize what does show – the legs, or creating structure by adding a fitted denim vest.

Style Tips:

  • This dress is great for showing the legs. Wear heels to emphasize them.
  • A pop of yellow looks cute with this dress, because it is purple’s complementary color.
  • This dress is great for boho style. Accessorize with a hobo bag, sandals, and a sun hat.

Sychelles Forward Wedge Pump

BTM Rating: 10/10

Cost at time of review: $77.64


  • 3.25″ heel with 1.75″ platform adds great height while being easy to walk in compared to similar height pumps.
  • Comfortable, soft sole.
  • Comes in a variety of cute colors.
  • Leather.


  • None!

These chunky, fun heels are adorable. The wooden platform heel is casual and perfect for a summery boho look. I got these ones in yellow, but they come in a variety of colors, including baby blue, rose, cognac, and white.

What I loved most, though, was how easy they are to walk in. These heels easily add 4+” inches to your height, but because they have a chunky heel and platform, they feel more like walking in 2″ heels. As always though, be careful when walking in heels.

The sole of this shoes is soft and comfortable, and they are made from leather which means they will form to your foot over time and last. 10/10!

Dear Drew Suede Downtowner Hobo Bag

BTM Rating: 9/10

Cost at time of review: $195.00 (although it varies widely between different colors)


  • Made from leather
  • Beautiful color (with others available)
  • Cute tassel detail and heart clasp
  • Simple, straightforward design


  • Price

There are a lot of bags in the world, but this one has some extra details that make it unique.

I adored the color, which is aptly called “Flowerpot”. The soft, terra cotta color stands out among so many brown bags, although if you prefer the more traditional tones, it also comes in “saddle” (brown) and “tap shoe” (black).

There are two tassels on the handle of the bag, which are very cute, and the clasp in a gold heart, which seems to be a theme for Drew Barrymore’s fashion line.

I liked the simple, straightforward design of this bag. It has a zippered pocket inside and a spot for credit cards and the like.

The only reason I didn’t give the bag a 10/10 was because of the cost. The color I got runs you at $195.00, while the black is $137.00 and the brown is only $93.87. Over $100 less! Now I’m not a fool to how the retail industry works. Prices are marked up. But a bag costing $100 more on account of color is ridiculous.

Despite that, this is a unique, charming handbag. You can do much worse for that price!

Style Tips:

  • The color of this bag has a pinkish hue, but is surprisingly versatile. I think it looks great paired with complementary cool tones, like purple and blue.
  • This is a casual bag, great for everyday wear and boho looks. I’d leave it at home for professional and formal settings.

Crescent Stud Moon Earrings

BTM Rating: 10/10

Cost at time of review: $17.40


  • Cute, fun style.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good price.


  • None!

I’ve found lots of occasions to wear these cute moon earrings. They’re comfortable and have lasted me over a year so far, which is great considering they only cost $17.40.

Style Tips:

  • Although the metal on these earrings is gold, the stones encrusted on it have a silvery, cool tone. These earrings are perfect for mixing metals.
  • The moon is mysterious and beautiful. These earrings add a bit of magic to your outfit.

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