Little Waves – Scalloped Shorts & Navy Blouse

Cute summer fashion for the beach with high waisted shorts.


A girl in cute, nautical fashion with a boat at the beach.

A red haired woman in scalloped, high waisted shorts at the beach.

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Shorts – Moon River Scalloped High Waisted Shorts

Blouse – Lucky Brand Smocked Sleeveless Top

Moon River Scalloped High Waisted Shorts

BTM Rating: 8/10

Price At Time of Review: $59.00


  • Cute, unique scalloping on the top of the shorts gives them a nautical vibe and adds visual interest.
  • Made from 100% linen. Good quality fabric.
  • Pockets!!!
  • High waisted design and matching tie belt gives a vintage feel without being dated.


  • Dry clean only.
  • Runs a bit small.

Fit: A little small for me. I am a 6, so I ordered the size Small, which was recommended for 4 and 6 by the size chart on this items listing page. Sadly, the shorts fit too tight in the hips. A medium would be better for me. If you are just on the edge of the size chart, size up. If you meet the smaller size, then these should fit you well.

Im a sucker for all things nautical, so when I saw the scallop design on these shorts, which reminded me of little waves, I had to try them. They add visual interest that most high waisted shorts lack.

When you feel the cream colored, woven material of these shorts, you’ll know right away that they are made from a natural material. They are 100% linen, which makes them lightweight and breathable for summer fashion. However, this also means the shorts are dry clean only. Sometimes better quality fabric is worth putting in the extra love, though!

These shorts are very cute, offering a bit of vintage flair to your outfit. Even with a plain top, they make an outfit playful and interesting. Perfect for summer style. Available from Amazon Prime Wardrobe here. 

Style Tips

  • Nautical style can be tricky to nail without looking costumey. Avoid pairing together multiple fashion pieces that are too on the nose (like a fabric covered in fish with a fish shaped purse) or cliched (eg. anchors, stripes in red or blue). A nautical piece on its own might be cute, but with other oceanic items, can begin to look like a costume. These shorts are great because they hint at waves without being too literal, and have a subtle stripe instead of the more traditionally nautical blue and white bands.
  • High waisted shorts are waist defining, and great for emphasizing an hourglass figure.

Lucky Brand Smocked Sleeveless Top

BTM Rating: 9/10

Price at Time of Review: $46.50


  • Very soft, stretchy material that is comfortable to wear.
  • Beautiful color.
  • Cute detailing with a tie neck and open high collar


  • This top didn’t blow my mind, but it is cute and pairs well with other, more interesting pieces.

Fit: As expected. This shirt is stretchy and loose fitting, with no sleeves, so the fit is very flexible.

This is a simple top with the expected good quality that most Lucky Brand items have. The fabric is very soft to the touch, and has a good amount of stretch, making it very comfortable to wear. You could sleep in it! (Though its too cute for that).

The open high neck collar and tie closure give this top a feminine quality. It is a beautiful navy color. While not exactly a head turning shirt, it pairs well with other more interesting pieces, like these scalloped shorts.

Style Tips

  • Navy is a neutral color. You can pair it with any color and look put together.
  • This shirt has a straight cut through the waist, so it fits loosely. To create a flattering silhouette, pair it with pants that juxtapose its shape. This could be a pair of leggings, skinny jeans, or high waisted shorts that pull the waist in.

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